Neo Angle Showers

For the look that you may want for your bathroom, Windows Hamilton can offer customized neo angle shower enclosures in frameless glass or semi-frameless glass. The neo-angle shower enclosure is exactly what you require for an exciting and energetic look in the bathroom, or you need to save space.

The neo angle showers have three glass sides that enclose two walls. They fit in the corner of your bathroom. The showers can be compact or expansive with other variations that will give you the dream shower in the bathroom.

Windows Hamilton has experts in the installation of custom neo-angle shower enclosures and guarantees all our installations. We commence with helping you to determine if the shower will be the best fit for your bathroom. You will have your choice of handles, hinges, and finishes that will match the existing décor of the home. We will work towards achieving the look or style that you want for your bathroom.

We will take care of the precision measurements and work to find a way to attach the glass panels to your bathroom walls. Two options are available for you to choose from; the U-channel that is attached to bathroom tiles or the glass clamps installation. The methods have their advantages, and we will walk you through the process to choose the longest lasting and the most economically feasible option.

Neo Angle Shower Ideas

I absolutely love my windows. Thank you for an amazing job from start to finish. Not only does my home look great but it’s also now very cozy.