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double hung windows

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Double Hung Windows

Double Hung windows offer a very traditional look to any home with the added features of energy efficiency and easy cleaning and maintenance. Multiple layers of weather stripping and a sloped sill aid in water control and energy efficiency. The top and bottom sash both operate and pivot towards the interior for easy cleaning and maintenance. The operating sash offer a wide range of ventilation combinations for controlled air circulation.

This product features constant force balances that are concealed in a stationary jamb liner, a cam action lock with a security release button and thumb release latches for effortless tilting and removal of the sash. For added performance, this product features double wrap foam compression weather stripping at all critical points for year round comfort and a traditional sloped sill to divert water to the exterior.

You’ve done an excellent job on my home. The new windows look amazing. Thank you and I will recommend you to my friends.

Standard Window Features

Since 1985 North Star has been an industry leader in the manufacture of attractive and energy-efficient vinyl windows and patio doors.
Tested and certified by Canadian Standards Association and comply with American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards.

The beauty of our windows can be enhanced through traditional or contemporary grilles, available in three profiles: ¼″ square, ⅝″ flat and ¾″ contour.


Extrusions come in seven colors – white, ivory, hickory, chestnut brown, cocoa, sable and sandalwood


Energy Advantage Low-E is a high performance, energy-efficient glass made with a coating that is designed for top performance in our northern climate, which is why it can rate highest on the Canadian Energy Rating


Hardware and locks used in our windows are easy to use, secure and come with a lifetime warranty

If you need some window ideas, we’ve put together a gallery of window inspirations: