Bathtub Screens

A bathtub screen or a shower screen is an economical alternative to the shower or tub doors. They provide a more open look and feel while keeping water in the bathroom.

Windows Hamilton provides custom fit tub screens and shower screens depending on your bathroom layout. You can choose a geometric look or the rounded edges and from a wide selection of hardware such as chrome and brushed nickel. You may even choose the trackless glass screen that gives an open and expansive look to the bathroom.

The bathtub screens provide an ideal look while opening up the bathroom an airy and fresh feel. The team works with you to achieve the customized look that you desire in the bathroom. Windows Hamilton will undertake all manner of projects whether it is enhancing the bathroom or a remodeling job.

For enhanced safety and durability, we use tempered glass for tub screens and shower screens. The industry standard tempered glass is six times stronger than regular glass.

Every installation is guaranteed with the undertaking to replace or repair any defective material. Make a stop by our showroom or call us today to find innovative designs and to create a relaxing bath space

I absolutely love my windows. Thank you for an amazing job from start to finish. Not only does my home look great but it’s also now very cozy.