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The front door usually catches the eye when entering the home. The door is an important component in improving curb appeal. Since it is the entryway to the home, the door should have a design and décor that is attractive and welcoming.

You may not have considered the importance of the front door but are now giving serious thought to the current status of the door. A worn out door is unappealing and send a negative message about the occupants of the home. Some little effort such as a fresh coat of paint will give the home a refreshing new look.

Finding the right color for your home and personal style is of utmost importance. There are lots of trendy styles to choose from that will give the desired look and a look that will last. Let’s have an overview of front door paint color ideas.

Plan You Painting Project

Planning ahead before picking a color for your front door will help eliminate any unwanted surprises. Painting a door involves the complete removal of door from the frame and the removal of any affixed hardware.

For the most professional look in a DIY project, ensure that you have the chosen paint and the primer. Alternatively, you can hire a professional painter to bring out the desired look for your door. Take note that the door is the first place guests to your home will see. A professional small paint job will cost about $500.

Choose Your Paint

The next step after planning is choosing the desired color of paint. The chosen color should not only match the theme of the home but also reflect your personal style.

The front door is the first impression of your home. The front door will give an impression on what to expect when in the home. Bright and bold is the more modern feel or trend. The vintage look can be achieved with a light and fun pastel hue.

Colors tend to set the mood for how you and your guests will feel when they enter the home. As you set about choosing a color for the front door, keep in mind the psychology of color.

i.            Deep Red

Red may be a surprising color for many people. However, it can be a classic option and can add much-needed warmth to the home especially a brick home or gray home. A red door for a white home will give it the trendy farmhouse look that is currently highly sought.

ii.            Bright Turquoise

Turquoise is perhaps the hottest color right now meaning that it could make a good color choice. The color gives a good retro look that makes the home bright and has a unique feel. Turquoise is best for homes that have white or gray hues. It adds a touch of color that homeowners may desire without going overboard.

iii.            Contemporary Black

A black front door is a universal fit for almost any home style. It provides a sleek update and a contemporary feel. To complete the contemporary look; it will be thoughtful to have silver and sleek door hardware. The hardware should always match the décor of the home.

iv.            Shades of Green

Green is the color of hospitality. It is a warm and welcoming color. So, if green rhymes with your personality, you could give it a try. Choosing the right shade of green will let your visitors feel right at home when they walk in through the front door. Darker shades of green are good for a brick house while the lighter shades are suited for white or cream houses.

v.            Pastel Purple

If your desire is to add a pop of color to the home and you are afraid to try red, then pastel is a good compromise in meeting your desire. Purple is a good choice from the pastels. It is a unique color that will give a fun and invite message to your guests.

vi.            Sunshine Yellow

A bright yellow door will help infuse a positive energy all through your home. A yellow front door will make your guests happy even in cloudy and gloomy weather. It is a good way to add color to the existing façade of the home.

vii.            Rusty Orange

Rusty orange becomes the color of choice if the home has natural elements such as water features and wood siding. Orange is also a warm color that will be inviting.

viii.            Bold and Blue

Color such as navy blue offers a classic look and is a fabulous way to add a bold color to the front door. The navy blue color coupled with gold door hardware is a fabulous way to bring out an open and welcoming front door.

ix.            Classic Neutral

It is not only the bold colors that stand out, the neutral colors such as gray, white, and beige also stand out. They can bring a refreshing look to the front door.

Door Décor

Stylish door décor will be chosen after the door has been painted. Wreaths can be added to the door and can be used at any time of the year. The choice may be from burlap, floral and herb wreaths to add warmth to the front door.

Other additions to door décor are pennant flags and the classic door knocker. All these options are easy to install.