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Cold is something that no one enjoys. Even with the heater on, below zero, it is pretty common for many homes to feel cold and drafty. Old windows are the main cause of this issue for they have air leaks and use dated materials and technologies. That being said, they are less effective in acting as an insulator and fail miserably in keeping the cool air from getting into your home during the winter.

While many people suggest fall as an idea time to install new windows, you can also do so during the winter. These new windows will work wonders and help keep your home warmer because:

They Eliminate Drafts

Drafts resulting from older windows and doors are a key source of energy loss. This results in it being harder to heat up your home – your furnace and other systems for heating also need to work extra hard. Installing new windows will be a burden off the shoulders for your heating system and will get rid of window drafts.

They Are Effective Insulators

Modern technology helps make new vinyl windows an effective insulator because they a low U-Value, which results in a warmer home. What U-Value means is that the material used to manufacture such windows are effective heat insulators as they keep the heat in. The lower, the better. For the ultimate energy performance, windows with a U-Value of 0.25 or less are considered ideal. Once your home has reached the optimum temperature, these new windows will help keep your home warmer.

They Provide Extra Protection Against Outdoor Elements

Most modern windows come with double or triple pane glass. You could get argon gas between the panes and add a low e coating. These particular features add a few extra layers of protection against the cold. If you live in a place with very cold weather, consider the above options.

They Eliminate The Need For Ineffective Temporary Fixes

Temporary window solutions are what they are – temporary. Installing caulking and weather stripping doesn’t usually last the winter and can waste time, money and effort. Caulking will dry out and crack and can’t compare to the air sealing effectiveness of installing new windows.