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I doubt as a homeowner that you would want anything to go wrong during the winter, let alone any time of the year. In Hamilton, Ontario, damages and the like will inevitably arise and as such, there is plenty for you to do to reduce the damage done by the winter weather. Being proactive and taking these few steps into consideration can wholly prevent damages to your windows. You just need a bit of know-how and some hard effort.

We’ve drawn up 3 simple steps for you to follow to protect your windows from the winter weather damage.

TIP 1: Apply Weather Stripping

The following 4 elements are water damage threats to your windows: snow, rain, ice, and condensation from the cold. By applying weather stripping you can prevent moisture and other sources of water from seeping in. When water gets under your windows, they can damage the structure, thereby resulting in rot, warping, and functionality issues. Please ensure that the stripping remains in place and is installed correctly if you already have weather stripping installed.

TIP 2: Caulk and Re-caulk

Window caulking is the first line of defense against air drafts and water penetration. Your caulked windows can and will crack over time, which will result in gaps. Thus, at the beginning of winter, you should check your caulking and periodically see if it needs to be reapplied. If you notice huge gaps, better to re-caulk the whole window.

TIP 3: Remove Window Screens

A part of your window that is easily damaged by the weather is the screen, in which snow and ice can build up between the window page and screen, resulting in the screen stretching or even ripping. Your best move is to remove screen that are directly exposed to snow drifts and store them safely until spring.

Don’t Overlook Regular Maintenance By A Hamilton Window Professional

Whilst even the best of us cannot protect our windows from all aspects of the elements, we can still be proactive and reduce the odds of damage happening. One of the often overlooked ways is regular window maintenance.

Regular maintenance allows for a window professional to examine them and ensure that the structure is sound and able to take on all types of weather. The older your windows are, the more important maintenance becomes before your window becomes vulnerable.