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Is your window fogged? Is it the cracked glass? A faulty casing? Windows suffer various problems as they age, but that doesn’t should get replaced.

Although new windows can improve your house’s curb appeal and boost energy efficiency and sound insulation, they’ll be expensive. What is the best time to fix your windows, and when do they need to be replaced? It is all explained in this article:

When Do You Need to Repair Windows?

Here’s a look at a few instances where repairs could be appropriate:

Cracked Caulk

If you see drafts emanating from your windows, The first thing to do is examine the caulking. The majority of windows can get caulked. It can become deteriorate over time.

Broken Glass

If your glass is damaged or cracked, it may be feasible to replace the pane.

Casing Damage

Broken, rotted, or missing window frames? If your window is in good condition, concentrate on replacing the casing and not on the windows.

When Is It Appropriate to Replace Windows?

Windows get built to last forever, so sooner or later, you’ll likely need to replace them in your home. Here are a few clear signals that you should replace your windows.

Foggy Windows

If your windows are constantly becoming cloudy, it’s because condensation is forming within window panes. It’s most likely to happen on triple or double-pane windows when the seal has to get broken inside the windows. The windows that get replaced with quality are well-sealed to ensure this issue isn’t a problem.

Excessive Amounts of Water

Minor water incursions often get repaired by changing the casing on the exterior, but if water continues to enter your home via the window, it may suggest more severe problems. A replacement of the window is the only option to solve the problem.

Older Age

When your windows have over 20 years old, it is likely time to replace them, not fix them. Consider it as taking care of an old car. You could put a lot of bucks into your current model to ensure it runs, however, probably inefficiently, or you can put the money into a newer, more efficient model. Windows are like that in that they are more efficient than the ones made many years ago. It may help you save money on utility costs while keeping your house toasty.

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