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There are many reasons your windows might not function properly, but determining the exact cause and when to call the experts can take time and effort. Some window repair is as simple as replacing components, while others require an entire replacement. Hamilton Emergency Glass Repair takes care of that for you.  Let’s examine some of the common problems and what we can do to deal with these issues:

Having Trouble Opening, Closing, or Staying Up

If you’re having trouble opening or closing your windows or your windows aren’t even staying, the issue lies with the parts which operate the window. To determine which elements aren’t working correctly, you’ll need to take off the sash and look at the jamb or track. For windows that are single or double-hung, begin by checking the balance. Examine both sides of the windows and then replace the credits to ensure your windows’ proper performance gets recommended.

For casement windows, once the sash gets taken off, Check for screws that are loose or damaged. Replace them or tighten them when necessary. You need to lubricate the track and examine your window’s rollers for sliding windows. If the rollers appear to be excessively damaged, it may be necessary to replace them rollers.

Frames Are Degrading or Broken

Window frames are an essential element of your home’s function and aesthetic. The right frames installed will make your house appear more attractive and help reduce air infiltration to almost zero by creating a seal. It can reduce your heating and cooling expenses by as much as 40 percent. The most popular materials for frames are wood and aluminum. However, contemporary frames can also get constructed of vinyl and fiberglass. For wood frames, you can use liquid epoxy to repair areas of decayed wood and epoxy to fill cracks. Other frame materials and gaskets can get worn out with time. Contact the manufacturer who made the original one or give us an inquiry to determine what we could have as an alternative for you. Window repair can become a hassle if put off.

Leaky Windows

Windows that leak can be an issue, especially in older houses. After decades or years of exposure to the weather, windows will become watertight and lose their seal. The most important aspect of fixing a leaky window leaks window is determining where the leak originates. Where the leak gets located will choose the best way to be prevented it. Leaks that occur on walls typically suggest that there is a gap within the wall opening up to let water in. However, the opening might be far from your window. You should remove the entire window and then look at and repair the areas over it to stop the leak. If water is coming from the point where the window sash gets positioned against the jamb or the frame, it is a problem with the edge of the window. The cause could be as easy as replacing worn weatherstripping, clogged drainage areas, or wrongly aligned sash. Do some essential maintenance like cleaning and re-caulking the frame, inspecting the gasket that seals the edge of the window and the glass, filling it with silicone caulk when needed, and ensuring that the sill is tilted downward to allow water to drain away from the interior of your house, as well as cleaning the debris out of the weep holes at the lower part of the frame.


Condensation on the exterior and inside windows is natural and is not a problem; however, should you notice condensation on the pane’s glass, it’s a sign that your window does not get sealed correctly. There’s no DIY solution; you’ll have to contact a local glazer to fix the pane. It will cost you money for cooling and heating costs.

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