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Casement windows offer vast, clear expanses of glass. They are also far more energy-efficient than other types of windows. They also can capture breezes and fill homes with fresh air. Suppose you consider installing an insulated casement window and its general size and shape. In that case, you should consider the direction in which the window opens. However, there are a few aspects to consider when deciding the path that casement windows will open, including the best angles for ventilation, noise control, and simple operation.

What Exactly Are Casement Windows?

Casement windows have a single-sided hinge and can open either left or right. Specific casement windows can be pulled manually and closed while others operate with the hand crank.

An Easy Method to Determine the Swing

The way a casement window opens is known as the handing. Casement windows get labeled as FCL (From the Curb Left) or FCR (From the Curb Right). If you’re looking through windows outside, the FCL window has right-hand hinges, while an FCR will have hinges to the right. The window in the picture above can describe as one of the FCR windows. This information is only applicable to casement windows that can swing out. Inswing windows for casement windows are available, but they seldom get installed.

There Are Hinges near the Corner

Suppose two casement windows get located at the corner of an area. In that case, it’s believed to be more attractive because its hinged side is the closest to the corners.

Hinges on the Outside of Multiple Windows

If two casement windows are placed next to one another or mulled or joined by an unmoving one in the middle more typical to observe hinges on the outer sides.

Get an Ice Breeze

An open casement window can catch cool refreshing air and bring it inside. It is only possible when the window opens to the breeze. If the room has only one window, think about the installation of a casement which opens to take in the wind blowing through. Of course, currently doesn’t always flow all in one direction. Therefore rooms with multiple windows must include at least one window either way.

Noise Reduction

Noise is often a neglected aspect when deciding on window casement. Casement windows cannot just take in cool breezes and reroute the sound of loud music inside. Choosing windows with a view of noisy neighbors or busy streets could be a terrific choice. It is an excellent thing to get considered when designing windows for bedrooms.


A tinted or frosted glass casement window could be a dressing divider for bedrooms and bathrooms. If correctly handled windows, they can let you enjoy a gorgeous backyard view while offering protection from the street or neighboring homes.

Convenient Crank

Many people find it easier and more natural to operate a window with their hands dominant. If you’ve taken into account all of the elements mentioned above and your window can be able to swing in any direction, consider the 90% of right-handed people. An FCL Window with the crank on the right side and its latch to the left could be the most appropriate choice.

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