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You may search for a stunning new front door to enhance your front entrance and home. Windows Hamilton knows how crucial it is to select the perfect door with the most attractive accents. A sidelight on your door could be a great option if you’re searching for an elegant entrance that lets an additional amount of light enters the room. We can help by choosing a front door with a sidelight. They are narrow, vertical windows that can get put on both or one of the sides of the front entrance. They get placed along one or both of your doors. What are the five guidelines when selecting the right sidelights for your door?


The first step in selecting a sidelight to go on entrance doors is to think about the design of your home. It could be a craftsman-style or modern home; therefore, looking at the design is essential. Additionally, you should examine the roofline to determine whether a sidelight will enhance this and if there’s sufficient natural light flowing from your home’s windows. Sidelights permit more light to be absorbed by your home, which could provide a feeling of warmth. They can give your home a sense of openness, and there are many different types from which to choose. However, the most effective method is first to take an in-depth look at your house type when selecting the most appropriate sidelight for your front door.

Selecting the Best Size

Sidelights are vertical and may get installed on either side or the other of your doors. Many homeowners choose them on one side since they are content with how much light is allowed in, while the front portion might be smaller. Many homeowners enjoy the elegance and the natural feel of having them placed on both sides that face the entrance. It increases the brightness and draws attention to the front door since the design is well-balanced.

Privacy and Security

Security and privacy are essential. However, this does not mean installing a sidelight isn’t an alternative. Various kinds of textured glass can get established, letting the outside light enter and providing security as no one can see inside your home. A few people prefer to put a transom in place, a type of window that sits over the front door, to enhance the contrast of the sidelights on both sides. It can be made in any size and made of glass.

Energy Efficiency

A few homeowners are worried that their expenses could be higher because more light is coming into the house. It’s crucial to remember how the kind of glass you select and a brand-new front door could result in savings in energy and efficiency. Windows Hamilton can assist you in picking the ideal door and installing it using our unique method, which will result in an extra secured front door that fits within your home’s frame and with higher energy efficiency. It is different from the situation with sidelights.


The cost can vary based on the type of sidelight you select. Sometimes, homeowners only want one sidelight to highlight the door or two to make the entrance more balanced and make the area more inviting. It’s crucial to concentrate on the material you choose and whether you’re seeking made-to-order or custom, and also consider the dimensions of your sidelights. So, you can choose from a variety of fantastic alternatives! Windows Hamilton can come directly to you, make measurements and provide an estimate based on your perception of your sidelights and the front entrance.

The Reasons to Choose Entry Doors

We are here at Windows Hamilton, we offer Hamilton homeowners a range of custom doors, but it’s essential to know the fundamentals of door styles and sizes before beginning, and we’ll help you get started.

With the many options available, it’s crucial to find a firm that understands the door’s size, style, and installation. We’re different at Windows Hamilton, and we are proud of our work and offer our installation procedure that has been tested and proven over time. It’s incredible what we can bring to your home by replacing the front door. It could create a dramatic change in the appearance and felt house. Contact us at (289) 975-4020 or mail at sales@windowshamilton.ca.