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Some reasons necessitate the replacement of old windows. There are the benefits of new windows including that they will not be drafty, they will tilt in to make cleaning easy, and they do not require the unsightly storm windows.

New windows are more energy efficient than the old windows. However, it doesn’t make any sense paying up to $1500 for the replacement of a window to lower heating or cooling costs.

New windows will not repay the cost outlay. Here is what you are required to know before committing to replace the windows.

The modern dual-paned windows are two times more effective in the retaining of both heat and air conditioning compared to the single paned windows installed a few decades ago. If the old windows have the storm windows on them, the dual-paned windows are only 15 percent more efficient.

Windows will only make up a tiny fraction of the home’s exterior ‘envelope.’ The installation of new windows will produce just 5 to 15 percent in total energy savings. The average cost of heating and cooling for a homeowner in America is about $1000 per year implying that it would take 100 years to recoup the investment in new windows.

Experienced renovators will let you know that the solid wood products today do not compare to the wood used 50 or 100 years ago in standing to the elements. A probable reason is that wood today is farmed quickly rather than being grown naturally.

If you want new windows that will last, choose an alternative to solid wood that may rot quickly. An affordable choice is vinyl windows or solid wood windows covered by aluminum skin/cladding on the outside. The cladding will come in a color of your choice and with a guarantee of about 20 years. That represents longevity that will last three to four times more compared to solid wood with an exterior paint. Aluminum-clad wood will cost 15 to 20 percent more.

Old Windows Can Be Repaired

Ratty, drafty or windows that won’t stay open must not be replaced. Repair works can be undertaken by a window restoration specialist or a good carpenter or handyman. The freeing up of a paint-shut upper sash, the addition of weather stripping, and the replacement of broken panes, hardware, sash cords, and glazing are some of the common repair works.

The repair projects or overhaul will often cost $100 to $350 per window, and the end product is that the old windows will be as efficient as the brand new ones. Even more important, the old houses have beautiful windows worth keeping.

Rather than replacement of windows, the addition of attic and basement insulation is a cost-effective way of cutting energy bills.

Aesthetics Are Important

Choose the style of window that matches the look of the original windows. Use wood rather than vinyl to replace existing wood windows. The new windows should match the divided light pattern (number of panes per window) as the original windows.

With the right style for the new windows, homeowners can recoup up to 73 percent of the cost of replacement windows when reselling the house. On the other hand, the wrong style of windows may depress the value of the home.

Perhaps You Don’t Need a Full Replacement

The replacement of windows can be carried out in two different ways:

  1. Windows Hamilton may opt to strip the exterior and the interior trim to install the new window. The trim is then re-installed just as the case with a full renovation project.
  2. We may opt to install a window insert which is a smaller unit that doesn’t require the removal of the existing trim. The window insert will save $150 to $300 per window in labor costs. The disadvantage is that the inserts do not allow for insulation of air gaps around openings giving less in energy savings.

Since the window inserts are two or four inches smaller, they appear like a retrofit rather than a window that belongs.